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February 02, 2011


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Possibly-tangential question: The Horrible Histories guys push the Marlowe-went-into-hiding-and-Shakespeare-was-his-cover theory convincingly enough to sway my impressionable children. I know: darn dangerous literature. Crazy ideological historians. Anyway, I've always gotten the impression that this is a crackpot theory, but I don't have a kid-friendly counter-argument close at hand. Any thoughts? A webpage that summarizes the various POVs with a leetle less bias than the Terrible Tudors?

Jody, I just read Bill Bryson's book Shakespeare, in which he categorically dismisses the idea that someone else wrote Shakespeare's plays. He is particularly withering about the Marlowe hypothesis. It's written for adults, but he's such a great storyteller that your kids might enjoy either the book itself or a retelling via mom. Don't know any suitable websites, sorry.

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