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January 01, 2011


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Happy New Year! May I offer a suggestion on sugar? IN addition to all the super healthy eating you already do, which ought to reduce your cravings (I was amazed by this side effect of Nourishing Traditions style eating), have you considered regular fasting? I know that the RCC has it's own recommendations regarding fasting, but in the Orthodox Church we fast from meat, fish, dairy, olive oil, and wine every Wednesday and Friday (usually there is an exception made for wine and olive oil during the week, but Clean Monday and Good Friday would be strict fasting days sans both for example).

Anyway, I find this routine of fasting to be really spiritually stimulating and somewhat easier to follow than giving up an arbitrary item like sugar or tv, but also it makes Feasting pretty great and guilt free as well. Feasts sort of lose their punch in a culture on a fulltime feasting schedule.

You might liken it to periodic marital abstinence, in that it strengthens the marriage and creates a deeper bond of respect between husband and wife because it so clearly recalls Ephesians 5:25 to us as married people on a regular basis (at least it does me).

Anyway, it's just a thought. You can look here:http://www.oca.org/qa.asp?id=93&sid=3

I didn't make any resolutions last year, because I couldn't narrow down my list of things I felt I needed to do. =/

Love the idea of deciding to read the complete works of somebody or other, though. It's up my academic alley, and doesn't necessarily come with the baggage of things like "lose 15 pounds."

After peeking at your link to last year's resolutions, I wonder if I might ask a couple of questions:

What do you do when you get off FlyLady's schedule? She has great ideas, but she DOES tell me an awful lot of stuff, and I don't need to feel more overwhelmed by a tool that's supposed to make me feel less overwhelmed. ;-)

I've been feeling a pull toward the Rosary for the last couple of years, and have gone about it in my usual way -- some research reading, some fits and starts...with more stalls than starts. It's not unlike my FlyLady issue: if I can't finish, I think I must hate/dread to start. But I read more and more about people doing their Rosaries in parts -- getting to other decades later, or doing certain decades on certain days. You mentioned the finishing/non finishing issue...may I ask how you balance that one?

Thank you. =)

I'm pretty sure I got the idea to read _168 Hours_ from you. Thanks for inspiring such a useful exercise!

I'm trying a similar experiment this week on my kids to find out how much screen time they are having. We think we want to take steps to reduce it, but first we have to measure it. I have a clipboard all ready with a paper spreadsheet marked out in 15-minute increments and one column for each child....

Good luck getting your strategerizing goals done this week :-) and I am one who enjoys reading them here and probably won't click over to the other place unless you put up a post linking to them every sunday.

I'm thinking of a Mass count goal and a rosary goal as well. I really love the rosary, but usually only do a decade here or there in the car using a rosary ring I keep on the dash. That actually works out well, but I want to do more. I have no idea what to use as a Mass count, but 52 would be more than last year! I'm a slacker.


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