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January 18, 2011


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Do you have some sort of video link into my house? Because the frequency with which you post things that are applicable to events in my life is almost alarming. And very convenient. My (just barely) four month old just got her first tooth a couple days ago and I think #2 is on the way. Today she bit me and boy does that little tooth hurt! I yelled -- not at her, in surprise. It was so startling I couldn't help it. Of course she cried, poor thing. I need to retrain myself to press her into me instead of yelp in pain. Thanks for the reminder!

Thank you, Jamie, for writing this at this time. Veronica is about to turn 5 months old and I'd been dreading the biting stage; with Teddy's tongue tie and subsequent inability to effectively latch, we'd gone to bottle-feeding expressed milk before his teeth came in. Hooray for strategies!

My first DD tried three different rounds of biting: when she got her lowers, again when she got her uppers, and then again later (at over a year) out of boredom I suspect. That last round was the hardest to get stopped, even with consistently stopping nursing and repeating "No bite" (which had worked very well for us previously). I admit that after several weeks of this, one night I flicked her in the cheek and that was the end of the biting.

I just want to second that the clenching while going to sleep is awful!!! My second DD does this, but pulling her head in close has worked for me.

Sophia bit me a couple of times as her teeth came in. I think she was really just exploring what these new things in her mouth did! I chose to immediately put her on the floor (despite her objections) and she learnt not to bite if she wanted to keep feeding!

Thanks for this extended post on biting. It makes useful reading for if and when baby number two had a go (baby 2 being still, as yet, a twinkle in his daddy's eye!)

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