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January 14, 2011


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I have a million things to do and I'm having two parties tomorrow.

Therefore I am on the internet, instead.

We eat a lot of scrambled eggs and toast when we're in a hurry. Or nachos. Or cheese on toast.

The fact that I am commenting on your blog instead of formatting a footnote should tell you JUST HOW SERIOUSLY I take this whole delurking day thing.

Hi - I found you via Moxie a long time ago. Fast healthy dinner: pasta with beans and kale - saute an onion, add kale, salt and pepper, cook until kale wilts but is still green, add a 28oz can of whole tomatoes in their juice and 1-2 cans drained cannellini beans, cook until warmed (or while the pasta cooks), add the juice of one lemon right before serving over chunky pasta.

I'manot (better than the "me not" that I really wanted to write, well, I wrote!) a lurker... but, I love to answer questions. Chatty chatty girl, I am!

Dinner in a hurry? Pasta! I think I like twitter better than facebook. But I'm addicted to both and use twitter only to follow like 30 people in each language/country (Brazil, US).

OK, gotta go finish my own delurking day post!!

Hi! I don't recall how I found you but if Moxie is a possibility, as flea mentioned, then maybe via Moxie! Dinner in a hurry: Combine 1 jar Indian or Thai simmer sauce (I like a few varieties from Trader Joe's but regular grocery stores carry such things in the international aisle too) with 1 bag frozen vegetables and a frozen chicken breast or 2 or a can of beans if going vegetarian. When cooked through, cut up the chicken and put back. Serve over brown rice. (I periodically make a big batch of brown rice and freeze it in family-meal-sized portions, and then microwave when I need it quickly!) If you are really trying to impress, also serve Naan, which can be purchased frozen, and some kind of chutney on the side. I am partial to cilantro chutney....or of course the classic mango chutney.

What I love about this recipe is that you can really throw anything in, and it will be good.

Low temp in my town this weekend? I don't know, somewhere in the high teens? (I'm in Indy.)

Hi, Jamie - Where is the calendar that says this is delurking day - every year I miss doing a post and seeing if my lurkers will delurk. Oh well. Um, in order: pasta is my fave quick dinner. Any sort of pasta. I don't know if I prefer FB or twitter though I have both. I found your blog because you told me about it. and the low will be 33. Which is nice, because that's been our high all week. Maybe the last of the ice will melt? can't think of anything else to say... bye!

I lurk here all the time, thanks to The Pious Sodality of Church Ladies. Just coming out of the woodwork to say hello and thanks for writing!

I prefer facebook,but possibly only because I don"t tweet and I have a business page on facebook that I hope will help my business.

I bet I found you through Moxie, too. AskMoxie was lost in a feed-reader purge, but you're still here.

I don't Twitter or use facebook very much but I follow about a thousand blogs. I think I got here from Conversion Diary or Betty Duffy or DarwinCatholic. Not sure.

Spaghetti, Twitter and this weekend it's 50 and rainy. I find your writing so much fun. Also, I stole Sunday Night Strategizing and changed it to Saturday. I am hoping you consider this the flattering sort of stealing and not the plain, old regular sinful kind.

I like it all. I'm delurking to say thanks for your blog - I'd lost the address when I got a new computer and am happy to have found you again!

Creamed tuna and peas (or broccoli) over brown rice. It may not sound great, but my kids never complain about it and it cooks up quickly! Sometimes we'll do creamed tuna with a biscuit topping, too.

I found your blog via Arwen back in the day. I was so sad when you stopped blogging for a while but am thrilled that you started again. Yeah Jamie!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I read your old blog and then somehow found you again. Fast dinner is "green pasta" (i.e, with pesto) plus steamed broccoli on the side. And Facebook beats Twitter, but I still prefer blogs to either.

Canned chili beans on rice, with shredded cheese. (This assumes 20 minutes for the rice to cook, but only 3-4 minutes actual work.) If we need to be out the door in five, either I slipped up BIG TIME or the plan is to eat out. ;-D

I comment occasionally and I'm not sure if I found you through a knitting link or through Arewen/ http://ennorath.typepad.com/arwens_blog/

I do follow you on twitter as rlmoore1. My twitter feed is protected, but feel free to send a follow request if you want to!

I'm guessing I found your blog through some other academic blogroll? As an Orthodox Christian, I really appreciate so many of your stories/ideas.
Best fast dinner-- this shrimp glass noodle salad from Gourmet:

Quick dinner? Refried beans & cheese quesadilla for the girl who won't eat meat, frozen pepperoni pizza for the boy who's allergic to all legumes, nuts and peanuts, leftovers for the hubby & me. Not too exciting. I no longer FB (too much of a time suck) and have never twittered. I found you when you told me about it in your Christmas letter one year.

Is there any such thing as a quick dinner when you are cooking for 8 (including 2 teen boys)??


Know (and love) you in real life.

Not so much of a lurker anymore, but I'll say hi anyway! I prefer FB to twitter though I use both (I think conversation is easier on FB). Fast dinner: veggie chili (onion sauteed, chili powder and cumin, frozen corn, can of tomatoes and can of black beans. Simmer as long as time allows) served with tortilla chips covered in melted cheese. It's supposed to be wicked cold here this weekend, in the single digits.

I use Facebook and not Twitter, simply because I don't want two, and I found Facebook first.
Dinner in a hurry for me is brown rice in the rice cooker with half raw milk and half water, some herbs thrown in at the beginning and frozen veggies tossed in at the end, with enough for leftovers for lunch the next day.
I don't remember how I found this blog, but I really enjoy reading it. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one balancing motherhood, a PhD program and faith. I comment occasionally because I love getting comments on my blog.
For what it's worth, I enjoy your to do lists. They inspire me to consider my own priorities and plans.

I like Facebook because I don't tweet. I cook carbonara when I'm in a hurry. I came here from my friend JeCaThRe's blog at http://breadwinesalt.blogspot.com/, and my widget thingy says a low of 18 F for tomorrow. Or is that for today? Hmm.

Hi Jamie! I used to comment more, life got busy but I do check in. Thanks for your wonderful writing here. I found you through Arwen a few years ago. Grilled cheese sandwiches are our dinner-in-a-hurry. I'm on Facebook but haven't ventured onto Twitter yet. I'm prone to wasting time on-line and am deathly afraid of yet another way to do it! :-)

Turkey burgers with frozen french fries. Honesty, not always pretty.

Facebook, by a hair, but I don't find much use for either of them.

I cannot remember -- can you? Argh. Probably something AP/breastfeeding related on blogs? Via Moxie? It's a MYSTERY.

Hi! Dinner in how much of a hurry? 6 minutes=something from the freezer, or a sandwich; 10 minutes=omelette and toast; 20 minutes=stir fry.

I prefer Facebook.

I read your previous blog, and stuck with you when you moved over here.

I suppose I should leave a comment at least. Though I often do, just as often I read and then can't quite articulate something that seems well, articulate enough.

My favorite fast dinner is curry because I just chop the vegetables and defrost the chicken and then my husband comes home and cooks it. He doesn't mind cooking because it's his favorite dish and he used to eat it three or four times a week before we were married and I put my foot down and refused to eat it that often. So I don't have to cook and he gets curry. Win-win!!! I suppose that's sort of a cop-out answer as it only works for me; but there you go.

I could never choose between Facebook and Twitter because by and large it's two different groups of people I interact with on the two sites.

I have no idea how I found your blog. Someone linked to it. I know one of the first times I came was when you'd posted a video in which you sang a song while the baby ate a book. I really liked both the song and the nonchalant way you dealt with the lovely young bibliophage. I think it took several occurrences of that sort of stumble upon before I finally decided to subscribe to your feed reader so I wouldn't miss anything good.

Our low temperature tomorrow night is supposed to be 10. That's up from the 6 it was last night.

And now I'm done being a literalist about answering all your questions.

hi there! have commented before... but hi again. love your blog :)

OK, weird. I know I left a comment on this post. Didn't I? Did I dream it? Am I delurking in dreams now?

*delurks* Hi! Um, I like twitter more, 'cause I don't feel obliged to friend people who make random chatspeaky updates. I don't know if that's a bad thing. And I don't know that the rest of those questions apply to a student in South Africa. (: I enjoy your blog, though!

I rarely delurk, but hey, why not? I found you via Lissa, that I remember ... No quick and easy dinner: I don't cook or bake anymore (can't since having a brain tumor this past summer, which tells you quite a lot about me I suppose) ... I don't Facebook or twitter, ergh, which tells you something more ... I have no idea what the low is supposed to be, but we are due snow, again. As usual.

I can't remember how I found your first blog but I remember the first post I read was Pete's birth story. That started me on the homebirth path and now I have I two little ones of my own both born at home. I found your new blog via Arwen and was happy to see you again.

Quick dinners? Scrambled eggs or pasta with a tomato sauce.

And definitely facebook. I still don't understand twitter and facebook lets me share pictures of my kids with my far-flung family.

Hi. I found you through Conversion Diary. I think.
Fast dinner? Ground sausage or beef, canned black beans, frozen corn (heated up), canned tomatoes. Avocados if I have them. All mixed together.
Low is about 53 degrees. Yeah, life is hard.

1. Breakfast for dinner. Especially if we happen to have a can of "whack 'em biscuits" on hand.

2. Facebook. I tried Twitter, but just never really got into it.

3. Maybe via Arwen? I don't remember, but I'm glad I did whatever it was.

4. It was COLD this weekend, but tonight's low is 30. Woohoo, heat wave!

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