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January 06, 2011


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SO AWESOME that he wanted this blogged. :)

Jamie, I think this is my first comment, but I can tell you I've been reading your blog religiously (meaning both parts of the double-meaning there) for weeks. it's the first (only!) daily blog I've seen that is consistently both human and numinous. Thanks for letting us walk through your days, with all their imperfections and glories. I believe you might just be a saint, my friend.

fyi, soon I'll start my own daily blog and I aspire to be as good as you are at it. (You can read my Facebook notes about my trips to Prague and Kenya to see how I might do ...)

Dave, thanks so much for the kind comment. I'll be sure to add your blog to my feed reader when you start it up! It's been good to reconnect.

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