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January 04, 2011


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I've told you this before, Jamie, but you are one of my inspirations for getting stuff done. Maybe it's because it seems that you're like me in that you struggle to get those chores done that most annoy you. Dishes are my worst enemy. I got a dishwasher in August which has made a huge difference but like you said in your post, just doing it instead of complaining about doing it has made the biggest difference.

I look forward to installment #2!

Excellent ideas -- thank you!

You know, as I read some of them, I'm struck by how much I have yet to learn, because...I know these things. I know about setting measurable goals; I know about telling somebody what my goal is; I know about shaving a little off to make a goal possible; I know about trying not getting bogged down by the "all or nothing" mentality.

I know all these things...in my head. I know all these things...in certain areas of my life. Some are things that I hear from my fantastic Weight Watchers leader; some are things I talk about with my students in advising. Some are things that *I* suggest to *other* people when they ask for help.

And yet...I clearly don't KNOW these things deep in my bones, or it wouldn't come as such a surprise (in a familiar sort of way) to read them and say, "Oh, wow -- THAT applies here too? Of course it does...."

So, again, thank you. =)

The timer is my friend, too. Andrew and I decluttered our basement by committing to 30 minutes every Thursday night for months. But! Only 30 minutes! The short time made us actually do it.

Also: I like you.

Ahhhh! Great post! I linked to you in our blog because I found it so helpful!

Exactly what I needed today :) Thank you!

This quite interesting and touch me a lot

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