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December 14, 2010


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I would want my flip top mittens to attach at the back of the hand. On the palm seems very impractical.

I looked at the projects for this pattern on Ravelry and they had the flip top on the back of the mitten.

What confused me about the pattern is that they have you flip it inside out so that the purls are showing on the outside and then have you pick up the stitches for the flip top, which means that the base of the mitten is reverse stockinette and the top is regular stockinette.

The directions say to "Mark a purl stitch along the left side of the palm" and then use scrap yarn to mark stitches "across the back of the hand warmer" and then pick up those stitches. That pattern is highly confusing!!

Oh, you are exactly right, RebeccaL. I saw "palm side" and my brain went zipping off in the wrong direction like a lemming with ADD. And vestigial wings too.

Lol, mine did too! I read it quite a few times before it finally clicked. It could have been written more clearly.

Off topic, but pregnancy sure was pretty on you!

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