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December 28, 2010


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Next year I plan on doing a goose as well as the Christmas pudding. I'm hoping I get the hubby to go goose hunting! I don't want to buy one. Love the knitting and yes I'm a knit nerd, so I look. You are so blessed to be able to sing. I'm sure it was beautiful!


I really need to know what the heck you cook that Christmas pudding in. Will a metal mixing bowl do? That's what I'm picturing. I'm excited to try it but not really that into buying something in order to do so...especially if there is a chance it may be a one-shot recipe.

Hey, Angela, you could cook it in a metal mixing bowl. You need to be able to fit it inside a pot, and you need to rig up a cover that steam won't condense into. Do a google image search on "pudding basin" and I bet you'll get some ideas. Good luck!

I think that ALL of your Christmas knitting projects are terrific (the mitten dragon definitely looks like one to me) but the project that brought me to tears was the mittens you knitted for your niece. What a thoughtful, wonderful, loving gift and you are amazing to have accomplished all that with all the other things you do.
Blessings to you and your family in this New Year.

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