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December 16, 2010


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Ack. And bah humbug.

Sounds like the teachers need to smoke something a little more relaxing. Maybe take a page from the Miley Cyrus handbook already.

The Brothers Karamazov!
One Hundred Years of Solitude!
Oh the character list possibilities!

Pride and Prejudice (revised edition)

I'd go the other way:

Green Eggs and Ham.

Are You My Mother?

Or, if you want to spend a lot of time on the packet talking about symbolism and stuff:
Red Fish! Blue Fish!

Teachers can be clueless. On April Fool's one year I filled in my first grader's reading log with Joyce's _Ulysses_ and they didn't even blink. OK, he was a slightly advanced reader, but still...

She's punishing you.

How on earth is that movie "teaching literature?" It's ridiculous, and she knows it, and you're being punished for not going along with it.

Aargh! I'd be grumbling too, bah! Perhaps you'll appreciate this story, though. In high school (HIGH SCHOOL!), my brother was given a coloring sheet of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre as homework for an English class. In protest, he burned the coloring sheet and turned in the charred remains. (The theatre did burn down, after all.) I'm sure your sons will come up with an equally satisfying solution! :)

She's punishing you for challenging her authority, and it's inappropriate. I'd be ticked, too.

I'm frustrated for you. This is where I'd be highly tempted to talk with the principal - but I can also see not wanting to exacerbate the situation, especially if you're already sensing she's heading in the punish-the-parent-by-torturing-the-kid direction. I hope she calms down and realizes she's being unreasonable over break.

On the plus side - I love the camaraderie of your boys :) What good allies to have! I'm looking forward to hearing how they solve this.

How about the Iliad? Odyssey? Beowulf? ;-)

I'm mean enough to go over Teacher's head. That's far more than ridiculous. It's just... GRRR! Mama Smash! :D

That's RIDICULOUS! I'm a teacher and that choice of movie looks questionable to me and the packet? Don't get me started on the packet! If she really wanted to do a learning activity she could give him a mini-project designed/suggested by himself to do during that time. Maybe he could write something or draw or make a cartoon about how a character changed over the course of a book he's already read or is reading. Or she could just quietly let him slip out and read without causing a fuss because really, he's going to cover this same stuff next year, too.

She's annoyed at you is my bet. And as much I want to say chuck the project and just pretend it slipped everyone's mind, I had a teacher like that. She didn't like my mother and took it out on me for two years. People like that are so hard to work with and reconcile with.

I remember seeing that movie at sleepovers. Scared the pants off me. Literature? Hah.

I just noticed your tweet -- I hope the meeting was productive!

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