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November 28, 2010


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Thinking of you this week :) My list looks similar :) I found a spiritual director...the day you blogged about it our parish opened up an Advent at home retreat w/ daily meetings with a spiritual director. Met her today. Loved her :) Thank you...

Fisher Price makes a Little People Nativity.

SNS...supplemental nursing system?

Trying to do some Advent reading/praying with the husband and the small boy -- trying to set the thone and make it something we do...while also recognizing that this wasn't always something we did, and so it feels odd to the husband, and new to the small boy... So instead of the whole reading/blessing/prayer thing I had aspired to last night, I winged it in mid-course: we lit the wreath, said grace at dinner, and then at bedtime I read the Annunciation from Luke to the small boy, after one of his Bill Peet books from the library.

It wasn't as done up as I might have hoped, but maybe we'll get to that in a couple of years. ;-)

Wow! Ambitious list this week...be careful to avoid steamrolling towards Christmas burnout...

I also have a zillion things to do the next two weeks (Madrigals season for my oldest) but I am trying to keep in mind that Jesus wants to REST in our hearts....

"Martha, Martha, you are concerned about many things, but only one is necessary..."

Kristin, SNS = Sunday Night Strategizing. :-)

Carla, you're right. Trying to get things like PO trips out of the way early so I can rest instead of stressing later!

I didn't get around to it until Tuesday, because apparently I want to add "work on procrastination" to my Sunday Night Strategies.

Also, I'm a little thankful for your posts on self-discipline. Online Stopwatch is helping me keep the internet from eating my life away.

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