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November 03, 2010


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More power to you! I still cringe at taking my 2 kids, let alone 5. The last time we took the 4yo, he announced in the middle of the homily "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Many were thinking it, only one felt the need to express it ...

I don't think that it hurts to take her out when she gets noisy. Sometimes I need a break during the service as well and I'm 34 yrs old with a pretty decent attention span. For toddlers, I think that flexibility teaches them that mass isn't something to dread. It's something we grow into. Every time it gets easier to get through and we find we can sit through more and more.

Last week Peter took Thomas to see the St Paul Chamber Orchestra. By the time 45 min were through, Thomas(7 yrs) had had enough. Peter had already been encouraging him to sit a little longer, so at the 45 min mark, they took advantage of a pause between pieces and headed for the door. It might not have been "perfect", but Thomas remembers the experience as a fun and special thing. Next time I'm sure he'll last longer. Some things we have to grow into. Sitting still and quiet is definitely one of them.

I fear mass. Honestly. I know it's terrible, and we're getting better about it, but my children seem to think that 'mass' equals 'play on the kneeling bench while irritating your sister.'

I do think it's okay to take a really noisy child out in the hall, but only if it's *unruly* noisiness. Misbehaving noisiness.

If she's being sweetly irreverent, I'm betting there are plenty of people enjoying her innocent joy, and it's just something she'll learn to tone down.

At least that's what I HOPE ;)

I would assume from our recent playdate that you would not be surprised if I told you I have the same problem ;-)

Ella and Tessa can be handled...Ella and Logan are tough but doable...Tessa and Logan is barely tolerable.....
but all 3 together make up for the lack of a 4th Horeseman of the Apocalypse!

I understand my dear husband wants us all to attend Mass as a family, I really do, I also want to experience a foretaste of that heavenly togetherness I hope we will all be sharing someday -
but wth a toddler constantly popping on and off my chest as well (which is already kind of hard to access/cover in the dressy shirt you optimistically picked to wear) and a 4 yo boy who is incapable of whispering keep asking "is it over yet?" and almost 6 yo girl who is learning to read is either constandtly sounding out words from the missal or trying to tickle her little sister or brother (they ignore each other at home so much of the time yet at Church they are BESTEST BUDDIES!), I cried UNCLE and begged for a compromise -
one week we go together, next week we split up so I can not fall into sin DURING the celebration of the Eucharist!
I offer up this Sunday's "together" Mass and its tributions for yours, and will keep you in my prayers the following week when I ecstatically wallow in the spiritual silence of "switching-off"!

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