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November 17, 2010


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Oh that sounds so yummy! May just have to make it this weekend. Thanks!

Gracious! You just nearly repeated my grandfather's recipe for "pappy stuff", otherwise known as what HIS dad cooked when mom wasn't home. Adding cubed leftover potatoes if available and/or starting with bacon grease are the differences. Who knew it was a real dish??!!!

Heh... not only do I say orange with two syllables, I say it with an "ar" sound, not an "or" sound, so it's that much further from rhyming with spornj. (Native of NYC, where there exist plenty of short a's and short o's before the letter r...)

I'm from the Wisco and I've never heard of this. (But you can bet I'll try it.) We did eat something called slop time and again, and I had a friend whose family had a variation called goop. Both dishes could be whipped up in 15 minutes, but are pretty Campbell's soup/bean-heavy recipes.

Similarly, if you ever have pasta leftovers but not enough for everyone, crack some eggs into it and fry it up. Ditto for most rice dishes and those spoonfuls of veggies that just kind of accumulate.

I'll stop with the novella in your comments.

We had your quasi-recipe for lunch yesterday, and may have it for dinner tonight due to my nerves feeling a little frail (four day illness for diabetic toddler, plus crib poop explosion at naptime which I'm just cleaning up now). Sigh.

I mentioned this dish at my quilting gathering this weekend because it was so new to me. One mother said they made it as a toddler food and called it "egg bread", and another mother said it sounds like toad-in-the-hole, which I hadn't considered but which fits.

Anyway, INTERESTING. :o)

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