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November 30, 2010


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Our current Parish is St. Andrews so we are celebrating with a mass and a party afterwards. Looking forard to it! First time celebrating with this Parish.

I enjoyed your yammering!

oh, I'll miss your yammering, please come back often, even if just to resurrect posts from the old blog -- I like that!

I was thinking of you tonight as I snuggled next to my youngest (turned 6 and a half TODAY) in his bed. I was wondering whether you had tandem nursed for a while for all your five or whether any of them weaned before a sibling's birth (and I'm pretty sure I've already asked this question). Is Pete still nursing?

My next thoughts were wonderings about whether you'd agree with me that extended nursing makes for lovely relationships with our kids -- I think we extended nursers are probably closer to them, what do you think?

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