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November 22, 2010


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Amen, sister!

Couldn't agree more. There are times I'm really not up to the commotion, but if it's not my child, then it's not my problem.

Funny thing--I just got a news letter from our state's Christian homeschool association. I was surprised to see in the Letters to the Organization section some people complaining about the noise from the babies and small toddlers that attend the annual conference with parents (not that babies attend many conferences without their parents). They wished that parents would take their babies out since even the noise from a happy baby distracts from the seminars.

I was pretty put out by the attitude of these people who were oh-so-entitled to their child-free environment. I get that this might be a big outing for you as a couple as you get away from your kids and enjoy some enrichment, but can't there be a little tolerance for those with different needs, parents and infants alike? I mean, no one's asking you to change the soggy diapers or make the crabby baby happy!

Unbelievable. I wouldn't want to be around when their perfect glass home comes crashing down.

Glad you got a chance for a small stare-down.


Yeah. Talk about a contradiction between profession and practice.

Imperfectly-played plastic recorders. MUCH worse than baby noise. Dude.

But also, people dying of cholera. People dying from random aerial bombardment. People dying.


My last attempt at commenting on this must have gotten lost in cyber-space, so I will try to re-send the abbreviated version...

#1 on list: Theme to SpongeBob Squarepants

annoying old people get put in a home
annoying little babies get left at home

annoying people who think they are perfect and cannot allow for a little imperfection in this world should get something I cannot mention in blog comments....

I'd take kid noise over a vuvuzela A.N.Y. day.

The thing that irks me about the conversation is that they hadn't even BEEN inconvenienced yet on that flight by kid noise. They were doing what my husband calls, "pre-emptive bitching". Why be angry about something that hasn't even happened? Spoil for a fight much?

My thing about manners is that you just don't NEED to vocalize everything you're feeling, every single minute. I think living in polite society absolutely requires the ability to hold your tongue. Would you really want to be privy to every thought somebody had about YOU as you go through your day?

It was also obnoxious of her to deflect her shame and say, "well it's true". It wasn't about being truthful, it was about being KIND.

Cause I am so sure they were SILENT as kids themselves.

Ooh, reminds me of the time I traveled overseas with my then- 4 yo and 18 mo. My 18 mo had been a darling (really!) up until the last leg of our return flight. He pretty much nursed constantly during the other flights, but as soon as we entered the plane for our last leg- Amsterdam to Chicago- an elderly man in the seat in front of us said, none too quietly, "Oh, GREAT. There are going to be KIDS behind me." He then proceeded to mutter to himself (but loudly) about how AWFUL it was going to be having KIDS around for the WHOLE FLIGHT. My boy must have heard him, because it was the only time he screamed like a banshee. For 3 hours. It was the only time he didn't want to nurse or be distracted by any of the toys I brought along. After the first half hour (believe me, I was mortified), Mr. CrankyPants turned around to me and asked, "Is he ALWAYS like this?" to which I responded, "He's practicing so he can grow up to be a grumpy old man." Not very charitable, I know.

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