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November 15, 2010


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The holophrastic stage was my favorite! Whole paragraphs are encapsulated in single words embellished with tone of voice and body language.

Aww... magic indeed! I'll send you an email later with some questions about lgg development depending on the phonetic structure of language spoken (Portuguese vs. English).

I love this very much...not as educated about it a previous commenters, obviously, but my little guy is using more complex and abstract sentenes every day and I LOVE IT. Even when some of them are "YOU NOT DA BOSS!" to his sister and "Mama! Stop SINGING!"

My very language-delayed son had two favorite phrases:

"This!" and "No this!"

Stella is a star!

Isn't it weird how you spend years freaking out about your kids' development while simultaneously telling yourself to stop freaking out? She sounds like a star.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely convo with my son's SLP last week because she is concerned about several "areas in need of improvement." Le sigh. He is 7.5 and still only occasionally uses the past tense, and he has comprehension issues... and some articulation issues. He's being referred to have another formal evaluation. We'll see how it goes.

my comments aways seem to be deleted, i'm not sure why?

I love watching that language explosion. Right now Ben is going through one too. His enunciation is terrible and everything sounds like variations of "do" "duh" and "di" but I can suddenly make out words in the flow of mush. Today it was "cuddle" "do-do" as he snuggled his head into my chest and then into his sister's lap.

I wish I had more of the technical knowledge and am now kicking myself for opting for philosophy of language instead of linguistics in college. Whoever told me linguistics was boring deserves a kick in the pants.

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