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November 18, 2010


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That's why each of my boys has nearly 20 pairs of underwear. K and I do too. No laundry woes around here! ;-) (now socks are a problem because they're always getting mismatched. Sigh).

ignorance is indeed bliss. Just don't thing about it. better not to go there. ;-)

My husband tells the story of how when he was a kid, he went through a stage of leaving skid marks on his underwear. He didn't want his mom to know, so at the end of each day, he'd hide the underwear behind his dresser. Then one day, he ran out of underwear and duly reported this to his mom. She was quite perplexed. I don't remember if he led her to the cache of dirty underwear or if she found them on her own, but either way....our daughters LOVE this story.

Here's the problem: mothers download what's in their head and think the kids hear it. They don't. Mother-deafness kicks in about halfway through IF we're lucky. I just want to know why two directions in one declaration makes a child short out like that. Maybe they are really visual thinkers and as they receive the first part, they see themselves doing it and the vision blocks the hearing of second part?

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