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November 04, 2010


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Ohhohohohahaha :) I get your frustration, but your working through it was my reading pleasure. 'Barnacles' had me snorting on my late-night apple snack.

Next time you happen across one, I say roll your window down and let some of this gorgeous sarcasm fly over those cluelessly rude pedestrians :) At the very least you should be reaping some entertainment from their ambling!

I hear this. My church is smack in the middle of a University community, surrounded by campus, sorority houses, the commuter rail station and student friendly restaurants. Driving anywhere near there during class hours is hellacious. I don't even mind the people who stream across posted crosswalks without regard to cars, but the people who pop out from between parked cars to cross in the middle of the block? Or the people who begin jaywalking across an intersection just as I've started a turn? It's like they want me to hit them.

Funny use of the label "amblers"...

just watched the new zombie show on AMC "The Walking Dead"...

I think zombies move faster than college students in general...

"It's about mutual courtesy" -- ABSOLUTELY. I strive to be a courteous and pedestrian-friendly driver ... but I also strive to be a courteous pedestrian. When a car is stopped for me, I make every effort to get my butt, my groceries, and my kids across the street in a timely manner, and with a friendly wave and a smile. Two-way street, for sure.

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