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October 04, 2010


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Now I'm really, really hungry. It's so cold here, I think I'll run the oven as much as possible. I made two kinds of soup on Saturday, but the bread and butter to go with it sounds awesome.

soup. bread. butter. You had me there. Yum.
(and seeing old friends is fabulous, isn't it?)

I made the soup tonight. Delicious! Thanks for the easy recipe!

Thanks again for your hospitality! Now I have the soup recipe!
My older children eagerly began researching gecko information after Logan told them about your pet...
I feel barely competent to have the children I do at the moment, we shall have to see about the addition of an aminal...

Oh CJ. I'm having really the most un-nicest day, and just the thought of pumpkin soup is making me feel better. Now I know what to make tomorrow.

Thank you.

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