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October 24, 2010


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Let us know about your family gym night. (How low are your expectations?) I love our family gym nights and am always eager to hear how something like that works out for other families.

Back when all of my kids spent a lot of those evenings in the child care, I felt sort of guilty about it, but now that some of my kids are old enough to be out using the gym independently with their own member id's and everything, I can see that taking them regularly to the building and setting the expectation that eventually they could use the facility on their own has laid a real foundation.

Let me know how the spiritual director works out...I have been looking for one for the last year (since I left the Regnum Christi movement, long story)....my uncle the priest suggested a wise older priest who went into the hospital the day before our first meeting and later died!! I am trying not to take it personally....

PS, what is Dr. Sears doing to forment the "mommy wars"? I made the mistake of googling and all I get is a bunch of hateful nonsense from full-time working moms of 6 week olds who think breastfeeding is overrated.....

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