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October 12, 2010


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Oh, that is some good advice. I try to do all those things, and am occasionally pleasantly surprised by my kids' enthusiastic consumption of some vegetable or another. Other times I sigh, and remind myself I've been meaning to eat more vegetables, and then eat them myself the next day.

Thanks. I always feel like other people's kids happily eat more veggies than mine. It's kind of like I was SURE everyone else was sleeping more than me when we all had babies. I keep adding butter and/or salt and/or parmesan cheese and one day - ONE DAY - they will eat them. THEY WILL.

We have found the secret to kids eating salads though comedian Jim Gaffigan -

"doesn't eating a salad just turn into a game of find-the-bacon-bits?"

bacon bits make the greens go down in our house!!

My mother cooks green beans in bacon. To this day (I'm almost 21), I think it is weird to see green beans without bacon. Yet she never did that with any other vegetables, so I have no idea if it was a "make the beans go down easier" thing or a cultural thing or just a "I saw this in a cookbook and tried it once and now my family would kill me if I didn't do it every time" thing.

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