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October 07, 2010


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I am absolutely making this soup. My goodness, Jamie, keep these recipes coming! Especially if you have recipes for turnips. This was a bumper year for turnips.

Oh boy, I do not recall reading the suet pudding post! Is it from the old blog archives? Or have you really been blogging here since 2004. I think not. Anyhow... to each his/her own (I'm vegetarian), but I don't get squeamish reading about these dishes at all. I'm sure they taste good.

I don't remember that older post about the pudding, but I hope your pudding turned out well! I made Christmas pudding one year; it crumbled coming out of the mold and I didn't make enough brandy sauce so it had all burned off by the time we reached the table. It tasted marvelous, though. I have also made a chocolate steamed pudding, which came from a website that claimed it was an 18th century recipe (modified for use with modern chocolate). That was delicious, too, and more popular with my husband who does not like dried fruit in his desserts.

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