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October 16, 2010


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This is beautiful. Thank you!

Oh lovely! I'm not going to read any more blog posts tonight because I'm sure I won't find anything else this uplifting.

This gives me the shivers. I needed this today. Thank you.

Lovely. And I just read that chapter of Screwtape Letters last night!

I'm saving this post to read again. Because it was just what I needed to hear today. May I have your permission to print a copy solely for the purposes of reading at our women's meeting at church next week?

Maia, of course. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

This is one of those posts that makes me think I need to figure out how to put a shared items sidebar up on my blog. More people need to read this. I never realized what it is exactly that I find so glorious about Fall, metaphorically, the season for death. But you've verbalized it beautifully.

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