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September 12, 2010


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Yes, I had mixed feelings on the twisted rib. I knit continental, which actually makes a regular rib fun. The twisted rib was so very NOT fun. I cannot imagine doing a sock!

I just got a book out of the library called "2-at-a-time socks" by Melissa Morgan Oakes. Its the secret of knitting two at once on a circular needle and supposedly works for any sock pattern. Do you use a circular needle?

Good for you Jamie!

I also live in secret fear of laziness...I am working on the process of discerning when it is better to be busy and when it is better to be a human "being" instead of a human "doing"...

finally, I read 168 hours recently as well and she has some really good techniques and ideas, but I just cannot get past her obvious disdain for full-time mothering, the one chapter in her book is bad enough but the constant denigration on her website put me off completely about 6 weeks ago!
Would be interested in your take....

Take care! I would love to drive down one day for tea and talk this fall - let's plan for one of your at home days!!

Karen, I do use a circular needle. My favorite way to knit socks is magic loop, but I also like to use two circulars. Double-points are hardest for me with a toddler on the loose!

Carla, would love a visit from you!! I hear you about the full-time motherhood stuff in 168 Hours. I'm curious about your take on those numbers she cited -- it's hard for me to believe that at-home mothers really aren't interacting more with their kids.

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