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September 27, 2010


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that is so sweet - and yes, a bit eerie - but mostly adorable!

Oh! I'm getting teary! That's fabulous :)

cue the music!

doo dee doo doo... doo dee doo doo...

what a blessing!

That's lovely.

My child has an ethnic name, that of my father's mother. Like you, I wanted that connection to a traditional past. I also knew that there was no way she would look like my side of the family, based on my armchair geneticist analysis of my nieces. I was correct. I love that she has this tie to the other side of the family tree when she has the looks and last name of the other.

Cool! My daughter is also named after my grandmother (who is still living, and in her 90th year). There are a number of nicknames she could have adopted as her own, but the one she likes best is also my grandma's nickname.

What a beautiful happening!

NO! That's awesome! And this is really what she says, right? (no blog name for her own choice of name). I know her real name and I think that it does go well with the name she chose for herself. How amazing is that, though, that she would have chosen your grandma's nickname. uncannily wonderful.

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