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September 10, 2010


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If there is anything you are NOT, it is LAZY. Girl, you make me tired just reading what you are doing! What you do sound like is a bit overwhelmed - like a routine hasn't fallen into place yet this fall, and that is hard on you. Maybe I just made a big assumption, but that is what I am hearing. And you are so not lazy. (says the Queen of Procrastination, all hail my rule!)

Ughh -- teachers like that drive me crazy. My sponsor teacher during my teaching practicum was like that. It made working with her very challenging. It was so obvious that certain students needed help and adaptions rather than someone whining after they went home.

Get the letter off to your special ed. teacher. You're right, she's dealt with it before. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she's on top of things and has some strategies for you.

As for the rest, you're the least lazy person I've ever heard of. I'm 40 weeks pregnant today and when I'm tempted to complain I tell myself "Jamie was defending her thesis proposal, getting ready for Christmas, and taking care of 4 children at this point -- get over it!!" Then I get off my rear and unload the dishwasher.

Oh, I love when you make me laugh with your craziness. But this time, you're also making my jaw drop -- your resolutions! Your confident voice in making sure these things happen!

Tie yourself up in baling twine? Can you do that to me, too? Putting the kids to bed early is simple for me -- it's getting MYSELF into bed before 11 or 12 that's killer. Drop kicks welcome.

You know, I read that post about dysgraphia when you wrote it last year and thought, that sounds like me.

Then I thought I ought to leave a comment on your blog to that effect.

Then, I am not making this up, I sat and thought for an hour about how to make a comment with the correct mix of sympathy and pithiness, before I decided I was being ridiculous and gave up.

I certainly have times in my life where writing comes easily, but it seems much more frequent that an essential part of the writing process is where I waller on the floor and despair about my life in the small hours of the morning.

Tracy, you are exactly right. I need a better groove.

Pippi, thanks so much! I'm touched to hear that my crazy life can provide someone else with motivation. :-D Here's to a smooth and peaceful birth!

Sarah, I'll have to hone my lasso skills a bit before I can do any long-distance baling twine maneuvers. ;-)

Rob, that's so interesting. (And surprising to me too -- you're such a good writer.) Sending you an email...

My hair is falling out too! Which I thought was not supposed to happen when I'm pregnant. At least in former pregnancies I noticed a dramatic lessening of hair shedding.

I now have a drill where I clean out the vacuum brush before every use. Our last vacuum died mostly because the excess of hair burnt out the motor.

I really do need to get Bella and myself off for hair cuts too. Somehow I tend to only get my hair cut when pregnant when I start to think that after the new baby comes it will need to be easier to care for.

I feel with you on the bedtime thing too. I've got the 1 yr-old toddler's bedtime, which is a long process and then the bigger girl's bedtime which is a second interminable process, thanks to the 2 yr-old toddler. It is so hard not to stay up after the kids are in bed. The quiet is intoxicating: I can finally hear myself think and GET THINGS DONE.

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