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September 15, 2010


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I'm so sorry your haircut experience went so wrong! Mine was not that bad last Friday. I actually had highlights done (with foil) and the cut was OK, but nothing great. The only thing was that the blow-drying looked bad (the stylist is stuck in the late 80's and has curly hair big, moussed and sprayed). But that can be quickly taken care off by washing, thankfully. I only did it two days later, so I had semi-big hair over the weekend. I hope your hair calms down soon.

You need a Chem Shot... find your nearest salon that has Redken products. My hair was a massive tangle forever until I found the Chem Shot. I have had combing experiences like those described above, and it sucks. After my first Chem Shot the stylist took a fine toothed comb and ran it from the top of my scalp to the ends of my hair without running into one tangle. It was amazing.

I go to a salon academy so I get mine for cheap. You may want to look for something similar in your area. I used to be totally anti-product but the Chem Shot has changed me forever.

See if you can find a stylist in your area who went through Deva Chan / "Curly Girl" training. After I happened to find myself in the chair of such a person I swore allegiance.

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