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August 26, 2010


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Please please please blog about work. The world needs more examples of how parents can use flexible work arrangements.

And I'm interested in your job :-)

Hm, that sounds as if I'm angling to steal your job from you. Just for the record, that's not what I meant.

I'm with bearing. Your work is a part of the whole picture and it would seem odd to not blog about it. Even though most of it is Greek to me, I'm always curious about exactly what it is that other people do.

This is why the media and survery definition of "working mother" needs to be qualified...you would be classified as a "full-time working mother of an infant" in every meta-survey I have seen....
I would also be lumped into that category even though I have my toddler hanging off my lap latched onto my breast while typing, and I go to closings or to court about twice a month (and grandma comes along with to watch most of the time)...
we need to write a book about this Jamie!!

Add me to the "most of it is Greek to me" list. But, despite my need for subtitles, I'd love to see you blog more about how it all works and what you're doing.

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