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August 18, 2010


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Oh my goodness, this was so lovely. Made me cry - in the best possible way.
This line: "The intransitive "I'm expecting" had acquired a direct object: suddenly I was expecting eyelashes." Simply beautiful.
Thank you.

Oh, this is beautiful! And also very sad. It's so amazing and such a joy to be a mother, but it's also so sad! Oh well...

I'd never thought of it this way, the job in which you have to become obsolete so it's a job well done. Wow. Quite strong, and very true.

So well written!

I had that same gob-smacked experience when my first baby was born. Add a NICU stay in and it took me a good 6 weeks to stop wondering when this little baby's mother was going to come take him back. I was so prepared for pregnancy but the actual baby really threw me. The fact that he was a boy was extra-crazy. I hadn't tried to find out the sex, but somehow figured I'd have a girl. I got so used to not knowing the sex, I sort of thought I could wrap him up and maybe he'd be a girl when I checked again. Or maybe a boy again.

These days I look at my boys reading together on the couch sometimes and wonder when I obtained children old enough to read by themselves.

And after 4 weeks, I'm still shocked that I have a tiny baby again. He's just so small. And cute. And loud. Maybe this time the newborn days won't be a blur.


Our fourteen year olds :)

I keep saying to myself "roots and wings", "roots and wings"....

My son is a senior in college now and there were, also, a group of us getting pregnant at the same time. In sharing our thoughts and feelings it suddenly hit us that the kids were were raising then, we were raising to be the adults we hoped and prayed would grow up to be decent, joyful people. And somewhere along the line it hit us in the face that we were training them to leave, to take care of themselves and to, well go out and enjoy life. Yes, we'll be a part of it-but I feel such pride in the man my son has become and how independant, rational person he is without me. Now I'm crying.

My four children range from 7 months up to 14 years old, and in that mix one is starting high school and another, kindergarten. This has been a bittersweet summer for me. I have also discovered that I have a love-hate relationship with change.

Your posts often, if not always, resonate with me, and this one especially. Thank you.

Lovely. I'm so happy you're out there, putting these feelings into words for us all.

Who needs onions for tears when you have Jamie's posts! Very lovely.

obsolescence = hard. Resisting the urge to be the overprotective mother who wants to make sure her daughter is eating and sleeping well and making friends and signing up for the freshman retreat. Also, I'm wondering IF and WHEN she just might call her mom.

Just lovely! Beautifully written meditation -- poetic!

I havent' been here in quite a awhile--I've kind of slipped away from the blog world except for those which pay me--and of course you make me SOB with your first post. I'm going to go hug my big tall first grader who is growing up so fast I feel like she'll be off to college next week sometime.

I loved this so much: "The intransitive "I'm expecting" had acquired a direct object: suddenly I was expecting eyelashes." For a lot of reasons, when I was pregnant for the second time it just seemed so, I don't know, theoretical that I was actually having a baby again. I was so consumed with the preparations I never stopped to think who I was preparing for. Then we took our daughter to a sibling preparation class, which took place on the mother-baby unit of the hospital I was delivering at in a few weeks. We got to go look in the nursery window and I remember being just transfixed by the babies. It it me like a ton of bricks I was going through all of this to get one of THOSE, and that in a few weeks we were, God willing, going to bring one of those little amazing creatures home with us...I was going to get to do this again! You'd think I would have figured that out way before 36 weeks, having done this before, but apparently I am slow.

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