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August 11, 2010


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Glad to hear it went well. Lucky you getting to sing Panis Angelicus . . . I usually have to sing on eagles wings (which is way too low for me).

When I cantor at weddings & funerals I usually am up in the choir loft. Everyone seems fine with it. I would like to cantor from the loft too, but Msgr. wants us out in front (leading) for Mass. I like hiding out in the loft much better than being up front. I've been singing in front of people for years and I still get a bit jumpy when I'm up front.

Oh, I haven't sung that since I was a teen! (Which is, sadly, a time when I wouldn't have thought to actually translate the words). I've never seen it in English. How lovely. I'm sure it was beautifully sung by you. :)

Love, love, LOVE the Legion of Mary ladies on the congregation parts. Awesome for funerals where the attendees who don't go to mass regularly are clueless, and the ones who do are all choked up. Must figure who in my parish could do this... (No L of M)

And I knew you would do just fine!

Glad to hear it went well, and I'm sure it helped the hearts of those listening.

I cantor for our church, and I've also sung the "In Paradisum" chant for a number of funerals for people close to us -- and the first time I did it, I can honestly say that I don't remember singing the middle section. I was sick as a dog, and completely broken up at the loss of my grandfather, and didn't know if I had two notes to rub together. And it worked anyway...but I'm not sure it was me singing.

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