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August 05, 2010


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My mom did start programming using punch cards. I remember I used to draw on them when I was a kid.

Another card-punch veteran in your readership. Guess I really am "post-ancient", which was the designation Arwen & friends used when they were teens.....

Well, I never took a computer class in my life and the first time I used a computer was in 1994 when my dad bought one. I guess that has more to do with growing up in Brazil than with my age, right? ;-)

no punch cards. Just Basic and was it pascal or fortran? Can't remember now. I barely remember learning to program anything. Now I just know where the on button is, and I try to use them!

I have no idea how to program. I can just about fiddle with basic things on my blog, but that's about it.

I took my first computer class as a freshman in the fall of 1969. Not only did we punch cards, but we then ran our (Fortran) program through with the "pre-compile deck" which spotted errors, and then the "compile deck" which generated ANOTHER deck of cards, which then ran the program. Output was printed one character at a time on the input "typewriter". This was one a computer with ONE k of core storage. Digital wristwatches are (MUCH) smarter than that. Now I feel post-ancient.

My mom was describing the punch-card system to me just last month :) I also grew up drawing on them, Melanie!


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