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August 21, 2010


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Oh, I laughed at this! I'm tempted to include Newton's Law of Intarsia in my Mechanics notes now!

Oh man, I never had to say either awry or askance out loud, but I thought they were wrongly pronounced the way you pointed out. Now I know better!! Other words that I think have a weird pronunciation are disheveled (I want to use a hard 'h' instead of dish)& can't remember the other one.

Now, my dear speech therapist friend, tell me, why, oh why in the world is margarine pronounced with a soft "g" in this country? Are there other words with a "g" before an "a" that have a soft sound in English? In the three other lggs I know (French, Portuguese & Spanish) g before "a" is ALWAYS hard. What's up with that? I, the rebellious one, almost refuse to say it, or say it complaining that it's an ABSURD way to pronounce the g before the a.

Margarine is pronounced with a soft g because English is wacky. You're right -- makes no sense.

Any chance the missing word was misled? It always looks like "mizzled" to me. :-)

My husband the physicist LOVED this and said to tell you that you've done your job as a mother. :)

And you can buy a Higgs boson here: http://www.particlezoo.net/index.html

Ha! I always say "mizzled" (to myself) because that's the kind of thing I think is funny!

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