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August 17, 2010


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I had a lot of the same experiences with my gardens this year. I transplanted rhubarb in 2 years ago and this was the first year I got pretty good harvesting out of it. I have the same goofy forward-thinking ideas and put in asparagus this year (the garden store said it was in its second year so I can pick a little next year, at least).

We started a community garden plot this year with full sun (as opposed to our backyard garden, which gets 6 hrs light at the most) and by golly, you aren't kidding about the tomato spacing. It's a jungle out there. We're drowning in cherry tomatoes and I forced myself to can the bigger ones at 3.5 wks postpartum so they wouldn't start rotting.

We do pole beans and bush beans, but the bush beans act like pole beans and climb everywhere. Next year I think we'll just go for pole beans where we at least plan for somewhere to go. We use SFG's approach to pole beans, with 6 foot pipes to climb up.

We had a similar experience with our beans. Well one bed of them. We planted two trellises and the one in the center bed went crazy like yours. The other one gets a bit more shade in the afternoons and never took off.

We failed at zucchini too! The seeds that we stuck in the ground did sprout. They produced lots and lots of flowers. And there were plenty of bees bumbling about every morning when I went out. Nonetheless, we only had one little wimpy squash from all those blossoms. And it withered on the vine before it got more than five inches long. We also got three cucumbers and no pumpkins.

Wow! That's awesome, please do more gardening blogging, ok? With all the details and all, and photos too (I ask too much, I KNOW!). I'm at peace now with my impossibility of planting a real garden, but I'm excited about my four tomato plants in pots!

Are you suggesting forsythia bushes are part of the problem? ;-)

For the herbs, you might try an herb spiral. It's a good way to get a lot of microclimates in a small amount of space. Also, they can be made to look pretty cool.

Well, my peppers are doing great but my cucumbers are starting to dry up. I don't think my cucumbers have a disease or some sort but I think it has something to do with the weather! Rain now, hot weather later, rain now, rain harder later! IT CERTAINLY WILL KILL ALL MY CROPS IN MY GARDEN!

Your garden sounds great. I want to see some pictures on your next post. My garden is really doing well. I also transplanted some of my crops and after several months they really grow healthy and produce more especially my strawberries and grapes.

OH. Our zucchinis didn't make it too! LOL. Plus some of our tomatoes. I thinkit has something to do with the weather. The extreme heat and rain makes the soil and the plants wither. Anyway, need to try again. I'm gonna try peppers this month.

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