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July 12, 2010


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I'm so glad it all worked out!! My problem was submitting the dissertation electronically (3 minutes before the deadline!!) and then revising it & submitting again. I even wrote a whole description of it in my journal -- meant to be a blog post interspersed of photos of flowers from my garden, but in the end I never typed it up and posted. Who would want to read it anyway ;-).

Your dept. secretary ROCKS. Love her. It DOES matter when your degree is conferred! You busted your tail to get it done, therefore you should reap the benefits.

Congrats, Dr. Jamie!!!

AWESOME. I was sort of vaguely surprised when my diploma came in the mail. Was I really done? Was there really nothing else that could go wrong? Surely there's something left to worry about? Of course there wasn't. Hurray, hurray.

OF course, you know that you inspired me to begin 100 push ups. I love it so far, and thank you. I am going to add in the sit ups and squats over the course of the first two weeks. You have always inspired me, but I now can actually try something you do!!

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