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July 03, 2010


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You were so close to me! Milwaukee is only an hour and a half away from Madison. Hope you had a great time at Summerfest. :)

That's like . . . um . . . 12 boxes, right?

"With Extra Earnestness" made me laugh and laugh. :::wiping tears away:::

Love your descriptions of the fancy cereals--and I can so relate to the feeling of no longer having to explain the frosted mini wheats. I have undergone a similar journey w/r/t "less healthy" choices. :-)

Are those the Mini-Spooners? Despite being a cereal-free household, my kids filled up on those this week too. A cousin brought 3 bags to the cabin and the boys couldn't get enough of them. Which is why we have a cereal-free house. I don't even like frosted mini-wheats.

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