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June 28, 2010


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Thanks for the guide!! I don't know if I'll ever read them all, but I will try to read the best ones in your list, other than the two I've already read (and re-read those). You know, the greatest trouble I have, as a comparative literature person (i.e. strong advocate of reading everything in the original lgg) with the Russians and other literary classics (including Homer) is whose translation to read them in (and, in my case, translated into English or Portuguese)?? I hope I can find someone to recommend translations to me someday, I just don't know who.

So, yeah, that's not a problem one faces with Dickens. ;-)

I'm with you on the Bleak House love. Read it for assignment in high school. Best summer reading ever! Or was it Christmas break? I don't remember. I was forming a me-shaped hole in the couch.

I rather liked Our Mutual Friend. I agree about Little Nell in Old Curiosity Shop.

I'm glad to hear Pickwick is worth it. I just got it but put it down after two pages. Maybe the first trimester is not the time for a slog to get to the good part, though?

I'm glad to hear Pickwick improves! I have so far had the first two parts of your experience with it, but not the third. I'm glad I can still hope for it. I do think it's funny, but...

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