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June 22, 2010


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I love everything about these memos, but not that you had occasion to write the first two.

Thank you for the More quote. Well timed. Really really well timed. Thank you. Thank you. Did I mention, thank you?

i just happened upon your blog this morning, very sweet memos.
but i was wondering...did you read the st. thomas more quote from the magnificat the other day? i.so.loved.that.and must say i wondered if anyone else in this great big world felt the way i did about it...and then poof! out of the blogosphere...you said it!
thank you.

Hi, Regan, I saw it in the Office of Readings for St. John Fisher & St. Thomas More yesterday. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

glad to stop by, jaimie!
i am enjoying your wit...

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