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June 29, 2010


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Thanks for that nifty running calculator! I just ran my best 10k the other night, but had no idea where I stood in the "average" (46%).

However, you have to remember that the "average" 40 year old can't even run a 5k, so regardless of where your average puts you with runners, your still way above average average.

I like the hundred pushups website! But that kind of thing ("go from zero to [insert goal here] in X weeks" plan) always appeals to me. My postpartum fitness project is a "swim a mile" plan right now, only much slower because I only get to swim once a week.

Have you ever seen the blog Mama Sweat? I just discovered it and am enjoying it.

I'm trying to get in shape, too. I have been thinking about you as I do this, because you have said you have a tendency to try to overhaul your whole! life! All at the same! time! I do that sometimes, too, and I'm consciously trying NOT to do that, this time. I'm trying to concentrate simply on exercising most, if not every, day, but not getting so enthusiastic that I get burnt out. I really want to make this a lifetime habit.

"Helpless Rage Filled Backstroke" made me burst out laughing.

With my first pregnancy I went back to my regular clothes within a couple of months. With my second I've noticed quite a lot of redistribution. Or maybe it's because I'm almost thirty-two?

I should take up belly dancing again. Or maybe give in to my husband's attempts to teach me tai chi.

Also, I used to have not-great upper body strength. Now I have a forty pound toddler and a fifteen pound baby. I have GREAT upper body strength. I can carry howling toddler and baby for a couple of blocks.

I like your version of Pilates! I'll be your first customer. ;)

I used to obsess about my running times...no more.....my May 2 1/2 Marathon was run in 2 hours and 42 minutes, longer than it takes world-class athletes to run a full marathon, so I figure that I am actually running longer and working harder than they are...I also estimate less than 1% of all 1/2 Marathon runners have birthed 6 children, so I believe I am in the top 1% of my peer group ;-)

I did also start a Pilates class at the local rec center, it meets once a week for the rest of the summer, I HURT for 3 days after the first class...can't wait to go back!!

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