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June 16, 2010


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Gardening and life with lots of boys -- I always feel like you're living my life a decade ahead of me and the day to day stuff is fascinating. (My boys are currently 6, 4, and -2 months).

It's not what you write about, it's how you write. I appreciate your take on life, however that comes. If your life is kids, exercise and decluttering, then I want to hear what you have to say about that.

I'm interested in all of it, actually. Especially the veggie recipes since the one you shared, Kid-Friendly Garlicy Greens, I think, has been a perennial favorite during beet and chard season. But really, I interested in it all.

You have a way with words, Jamie and I am always an entertained reader of your blog. However, if it makes writing more exciting for you, I could request a random topic (say . . . Ten-year-old boys, toilets and Turkish Delight). Could be funny. But I always appreciate the posts from your experiences.

To be honest, i just like the fact that you're real. You blog about life and the boys and your faith in a beautiful way, and in a way that helps those of us who are/will be/have been in a similar place.

I don't think that you need to worry so much about content. I have always been interested in your posts even when they dealt with dissertationy stuff I couldn't understand. But I do dearly love the stories about your kids (they're SMART!!), and--since I hope to do it myself one day--I would love to hear more about the ways that you manage to balance your family life and professional life!

Always love hearing about life with the kids, knitting and being Catholic!

I love all the stuff you write, truly, especially the posts that aren't about any particular tangible topic, but about your interior life. You're a gifted blogger - don't stop!

Your stories about your kids make me laugh out loud. More serious posts really make me think. I still make your baked bean recipe from your last blog. Your dissertation post shame me into getting off my computer and actually doing something productive. So I like them all :)

I just like to read your writing. If you need specific topics to focus on, I do like your reflections on life with your boys, cooking with veggies, and faith.

I like your writing, but also your take. I'm a new knitter and would especially enjoy anything you have on that, although of course the dead of summer is not when most knitters crank it up! LOL

Chiming in late to wonder if maybe this is just about you needing a break of some kind of space to take a deep breath in private, rather than an identity crisis. Not that I would be necessarily happy if you did so, you understand... Anyway, I confess to always having skipped the diss posts because they made me feel stupid (me no understand! is this in English?). Recipes are good. kid stories are good, thoughts on balance and the elusive search for the same are much needed. What I'm always wondering about are the differences in attitudes and approaches gained through experience - I mean, how having a toddler now is different for you than having one 10 or 12 years ago. Oh - and I know this is really tricky to write about publicly, but I'm always grateful (and enlightened) when people in good long marriages share anything about the inner workings.

You are a gifted writer; consequently, no matter the topic, I checking your ongoing blog. Meanwhile, we are expecting kid#1 next month, so I may be seeking your advice / opinions in the near future.

I'll read pretty much anything you write. =)

I relate most to stuff about being a Catholic academic mom. Since that's what i do, it's also where I need the most help, and I find that your writing and your wisdom often hit right where I need a little something. I aspire to be the knitter you are, so I'll happily read about your projects, as I gaze with longing and intimidation at my stash. ;-)

In other words, carry on, and write what you like. It's always worth a visit. =)

I've stopped worrying about themes, and it's been freeing, although I've also mostly stopped writing, so that's not so helpful.

I like to hear about babies, and I like to hear about kids and school, and of course there's the knitting, and I bet I would like to hear about going from dissertation to work. I am always up for a new discussion about clutter and household entropy.

Really, it's all good.

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