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May 11, 2010


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Love your list and your way of organizing! Are you going to run 20 miles all at once or over a period of time? Good luck finishing up the scout requirements - wouldn't it be nice if boys would just be motivated to do it all on their own without prodding? Are your kids doing 4H too? I have fond memories of my highest 4H finish: Best of Show for a male rabbit. The catch: he was the only buck at the fair.

Wasn't it you who once accused a fellow blogger of bending the time-space continuum? I thought at the time it takes one to know one. I was right.

That's a lot!

I love the organizing theme, and plan to borrow some of those ideas.

Start list.
1. Borrow Jamie's list.

Wow, that's a list!

I have taken an approach to the "computer drift" problem that I think is interesting. I wrote a program that checks occasionally I'm actually using the computer (looking, say, for the screen saver, or whether the program with focus is a web browser). If I go over some threshold (right now it's one hour out of four), the program starts to randomly change the screen brightness. This is annoying, so it changes my calculation that piddling around forever on the computer is pleasant. So when I start to goof around again, it's no longer so much a guilty pleasure, but more of a guilty irritation.

Another thing that's annoying is unclosed HTML tags, oops, argh.

Now I know I'm old -- just reading the list made me tired........

Emily, 20 miles in 20 days! I am a long way from being able to run 20 miles at once.

Rob, got you covered.

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