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April 29, 2010


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Kudos to you for being calm and collected and for following up with your neighbor. You are doing the right, though not often easy, things.

If this had happened to me, I would have thought of nothing else since the actual occurrence, fretting and worrying to myself for days. And not getting to a point where I'm as coherent and thoughtful as you, either. Good for you, for staying calm and rational through this lady's questioning of your parenting, and false advertising about your son's actions.

And good luck for the conversation!

(Your sentences about sucking the birds into your vortex of tranquility made me happy :) Such beauty in your writing. Even when you're upset.)

You're way more calm than I could ever be. I hope the chat goes well, and that some unfettered exploring can happen on a sunny day soon!

Yes, your calm demeanor (even if just outwardly) makes me envious. I hope that someday if I go through a similar experience, I can emulate you, really. Vortex of tranquility and all ;-).

Seriously, though, I hope this doesn't happen again with you, my friend. It's so unsettling!
How's Pete doing?

You're doing a great job of staying calm and trying to understand what's going on.

Someday maybe I'll post about the time I decided to let my 5yo "run away" -- and we didn't live anywhere wonderfully bucolic or particularly safe one way or another. Lots of cars. I'm probably crazy, but I'll tell you so you feel better about the whole situation.

I was the crazy woman with 6 (at the time) kids, 5 homeschooling. Living across the street from the high school for maximum visibility.

This son (my #6 child) is a genius at finding his way places. Seriously. He got mad and said he'd run away. He packed a bag. I asked him where he'd go and he said to my mother's office, which was about a mile from our house, maybe more.

I said fine. He stomped off, totally overjoyed at his adventure, and I sent my 10yo son to stalk him and make sure he was safe, but I was sure he'd get there just fine.

Someone saw him "walking alone" (the 10yo was no doubt channeling special forces and was completely under cover). Of course they called the cops and my son was brought back to me by an officer. There was no way I could explain the situation or how I had it under control. I probably was and am crazy, but I had the sense to just tell him I'd look after my child better in the future. I think in a way he knew what I was doing but had to do his job, because he didn't say too much. I don't remember now what I said to my sons.

I still KNOW he'd have gotten there fine. But that's life. I'll have to ask him --he's 19 and a big hunk of confidence --how he felt having it not work out, being "big." But he really seems okay!

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