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April 30, 2010


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I just heard a song called "If Mama Had Four Hands". We can all relate!

Thanks for the links to Joe's preschool days. It's funny, I was thinking of the preacher post this past Sunday when my J-man was a holy terror at church and wound up getting hauled out of there. It's all a good reminder that taking little kids to church is not always a picnic in the park but we all soldier on. Somehow. And I have to say that I've gotten a LOT more tolerant of other people's kids!!!

Jamie, never believe anyone who blogs that they don't waste time.

I'm not saying you should consider them liars, but it is bad for your happiness to believe them. In one ear and out the other.

What bearing said. I had the same reaction to Elizabeth's piece and then I realized she was probably writing as much to encourage herself to remember those insights she'd gained during her fight with cancer not necessarily because she always lives up to them. I think many of us fall into the trap of sometimes writing what we want to be the case, or what our idealized self knows to be true but our fallen self often forgets.

To set the record straight, then, I'll confess to also being more willing to get behind on folding laundry than to get behind on RSS feeds.

Though to be fair, I think it is much easier for me to get stuck in that particular rut when I have a needy baby. Ben is also super needy right now. He's cutting six teeth, I think. And all the kids have the snotty noses. The thing is I can make progress on the RSS feeds with one hand while nursing the baby. The same most definitely cannot be said for the laundry.

It's funny, Jamie - I read that post of Elizabeth's, and I took "I don't waste time" to mean not that she is productive in every moment, but that she appreciates every moment. You know, the way that people on their deathbeds wish they hadn't wasted time, and had spent less time at the office and more with their families, or whatever.

I have no idea what Elizabeth meant, but that's how I read it. And I like that interpretation of "don't waste time" so much better. I think a perfectly productive life would not be a particularly rewarding one.

Of course, here I am leaving blog comments with two unfolded loads of laundry hiding behind the couch. So it was already clear which side of that debate I'd fall on. :)

Actually, Jamie, I quite appreciate your priorities. I figure folded laundry doesn't last long---in my house it doesn't always survive the trip down the hall to the kids' rooms, if they are the ones putting it away---but the food for thought I get from my feed reader stays with me, gives me something to chew on, for much longer than those clean clothes stay clean.

(And true, Scott handles most of the laundry-folding around here, but the premise applies to my household jobs too.)

And now I'm thinking: that makes it sound like I neglect my home duties to read blogs all day. I don't, of course I don't. You know what I mean, right? I could have neater closets, tidier drawers. For like ten minutes, because that's how long they would last before little people tornadoed them again. So, you know, priorities. Clean toilets, happy kids, clean kitchen, food for thought, weeded garden, roughly in that order, and then waaaay behind those comes matching the socks in the basket and straightening all the 4yo's drawers AGAIN, so she can unstraighten them the following morning. Something like that.

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