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April 16, 2010


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Ack! I THINK it'll be fine, but what a terrible tease you are!

I'd have been praying for an emotionally calm neighbor to come help me out, too. Yikes.

And now I want a spinach souffle :)

Jamie - I'm glad you're oven's working again! I had a similar experience with an oven fire. Only, the fire occurred during the self-cleaning cycle and the oven door was self-locked! I was standing there with a fire extinguisher watching the flames burn and wondering if I should break the glass or what. It eventually burned itself out, but there was a moment of panic.

Hurray for homemade pizza!! I'm sure it will be fine. I had a little toaster oven fire a few weeks ago, but mercifully it went out fast when I closed the door back up and unplugged it. I'm glad you're all okay!

Oh dear...

I had a fire last week too!! My first! Only it was a frying pan (a glass Vision pan, covered in teflon, one of my favorite pans :-( ). I had heated olive oil with some canola oil to saute onions but then, I was so overwhelmed with trying to get the boys to do schoolwork that I momentarily forgot. Thankfully, as I was walking through the living room and saw the flame reflected on the kitchen window. SCARY!

I got there before the smoke detector had began to beep, but then the beeping started like crazy. I turned off the heat (electric, not much help) and held the pan, like a dazed woman, until I finally decided to head outside with it. I managed to open the back door (both the door and the screen/storm door) and once outside, I simply turned it over on the grass and the fire went out immediately.

Of course by then the upstairs smoke detector was beeping too and I had to open all windows, turn on all ceiling fans, and light some good smelling candles. I'm glad you didn't have to use the extinguisher, but glad you had someone brave enough to use it with you.

When Kelvin was 5 months old and we lived in a 74 house complex of townhomes, 12 houses across from ours burned down to the ground. I left the place (on foot, my friend had to park farway and come get me) with the baby and didn't come back until the evening, so I didn't saw most of the actual burning down. I got so scared!!! I should blog this story someday.

Well, interesting coincidence this having fires on the same week.

Baking soda is great for putting out oven fires, and yes I learned that from experience.

Ack! I'm glad it turned out OK.

I'm going to remember the bit about baking soda. Just in case.

oh, thanks for the story! I am glad it all turned out OK. I wish we were closer, I would have loved to hear that story from you out loud--miss you! I second the baking soda. Once when I was eleven a friend and I baked cookies and one fell into the bottom of the oven. When it started on fire, all we could do was run around yelling "fire on cookie! fire on cookie!" Friend's mom dashed baking soda on it and all was well. I am still often that way in minor crises. :)

It's sweet potato burning season, apparently. Too funny.

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