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April 12, 2010


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WONDERFUL!!! Can't wait to revisit some of the old posts! Are you planning to resurrect any of the birth stories?

I love the way blogs make it possible/easier to time travel. Thanks for doing the hard work of pulling together the links.

Wow! Two and a half years? Seems hard to imagine. I loved your old blog, and I love this one too. Congratulations!

My baby girl is months now, and I'm still breastfeeding. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons I had to start mixed feeding when she was 2 1/2 weeks old. I cried many tears about it, but she needed to be fed and I couldn't produce enough for her. I think i'm settled with that now, although I would still like to go for total breastfeeding next time.

I've breastfed in lots of places - pubs, cafes, church, on a bench outside etc etc. The only time I've ever been asked not to feed was in church one time when I was requested to go to the nursing mothers room (with vidoe link up) rather than doing it in public, but that upset me for quite a while.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say here, I just wanted to acknowledge what I think is a wonderful thing that you've done for your children. I don't know yet how long I'll continue to breastfeed Sophia, all I know is that I'm not giving up yet! Despite having the bottles, she still roots for the breast, and that to me is such a beautiful natural thing.

Besides, there's nothing like a bit of 'boob juice' to comfort a distressed baby, or help to rock her back to sleep when she's been disturbed before she's ready.

I was a devoted follower of your first blog...nice to run into you again in cyberspace!

Wow -- this brings back memories! I remember reading your first blog when my husband and I had just started thinking about having kids. It really encouraged me to look into homebirth and get comfortable with the idea before I was even pregnant. It also brought breastfeeding on to my radar. Now here I am planning a second homebirth and still nursing my daughter. It's amazing how far reaching blogs are.

(that was my baby girl is 6 months now. Just realised i missed the crucial part of that sentence!)

I love that you put some of your old archives back up. I'd love to see all of them reappear. And congratulations on passing your boards, Dr. Jamie.

Hooray! I only "know" you from this blog, so it's a treat to see some of your older posts. Thank you, and huge congrats on your dissertation!

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