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March 09, 2010


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God be with you. You'll do fine.

I am praying for you right now, and will be all day tomorrow. Blessings to you, Jamie! And please report back!!

You have my prayers!

Praying, will be praying, you'll do wonderfully, don't be afraid of the NO professor. A day to rejoice!

You probably won't see this, but GOOD LUCK! Sending prayers your way!!!

Praying for you, that you'll be calm and wise and eloquent. Praying for your committee that they'll be gentle and positive.

I'm presuming that's noon in your time zone? I will be praying especially for you at my 12:15 Eucharist.

I'm praying right now for you, my friend and I'm thrilled too that this day is finally here for you!!!

Praying now (at 12:03)!

Done! Love that prayer. You can do it!

Praying for you, Jamie, especially the St. Thomas Aquinas prayer. I know you'll be great!!

Found this late but I'm thinking of you now! I hope it's going/gone well!

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