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February 16, 2010


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I've known for a while that I would dedicate the dissertation to my little girl. I was deciding between two topics, pretty sure I'd choose the other one, when I found out I was pregnant. I knew I'd need to go with the topic that would let me stay close to my baby, and I've learned SO SO much as a result. I mean, I would have learned a lot from the other topic, but this topic has provided me with an unexpected education.

Her due date pushed me to get through my prelim. She slept next to me all through those mornings of apparently endless coding last winter and spring. She has shaped this document since she was a tiny little thing, and it seemed right to acknowledge it.

I am a smidge worried that the boys will feel left out, but they are each named and thanked in the acknowledgments. (Also, I will be surprised if they ever look at my dissertation.)

Hooray! Hooray! Enjoy the ice cream.

What a wonderful accomplishment!Congratulations, Jamie.

Yay! Mazal tov! Also? Go sleep or read a frilly cooking magazine. please.

Yay! Congratulations!



I love the last word and the dedication. I think my last word, if I'm not mistaken, was "accomplishment" (it's in a blog post somewhere).

Now... I kind of envy the 140 pages. I wish mine were shorter (it would have been way easier to write). It's 400 pages longer. :-( (with the appendices & bibliography, though, the whole thing is about 400+, still 260 pages more ;-). Ah, the humanities... but mine has lots of unexpected quantitative stuff in it.

Anyway, apologies for the comparisons and talking about *my* dissertation, but I'm sure you'll understand.

oh, wait, who did I dedicate it to? oh yeah, to my parents and "my boys" (husband and sons).

My full diss is 490pages long, the text, 399.

And I just found out a grammatical error in the last paragraph of the abstract :-( (a verb conjugated on the 3nd person singular when it was plural).


Congratulations, Jamie. What an accomplishment!

Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.

Lovely. Congratulations.



Wow, Jamie! Huge congrats to you. Enjoy that ice cream!

I am so proud of you!! I think your daughter has a particular lesson to learn from all you, as a woman, have accomplished, for the Greater Glory of God.


Congratulations Jamie! Reading the dedication brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy that well deserved ice cream!

Huzzah! Congratulations! Hail the conquering hero! (That's what my roommate emailed me when I passed my prelims.)

A dear friend of mine did his defense some years ago, and in the acknowledgments at the end, put up a slide that simply said '"A.M.D.G." He left it there without comment as he thanked his family and professors and friends (squee), and told me later, "Them who know will know." =)

Congrats again, and well done!

oh, this has brought me such joy for you!! i am so so so very glad that you are done! can you believe it? does it feel real yet, doctor? wow. so unbelievably happy for you, mama. well done, and yes, time to go and get your well deserved ice cream AND THEN SOME!!!

I'm late saying so, but Congratulations! I love the way you did this post. What a great way to celebrate Mardi Gras. (Or any day, really.) Wheeee! Hope you've enjoyed this past week immensely. Light and free.

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