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February 08, 2010


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Ah... memory lane. I was SO SAD when you closed the other blog. But then, again, what I loved the most are things I won't need after all -- scientific support to have a home birth and breastfeeding discussions (sniff sniff). Your blog was AMAZING, though, you were THE authority on so many issues. Last week I spent some time re-reading Jo (from Leery Polyp, now Modernity Ward -- I know her in person, met her at LLL meetings), Jo's birth stories and she mentions (and links) to one of your posts on homebirth and I felt all nostalgic... etc.

Is this spammy trackback linked to your old blog?

Chez Miscarriage was amazing, wasn't it? Somebody should have saved the post and comments to the "mommy drive-by" entry, right? I feel so sad when someone quits blogging like that... I was thrilled when you came back!

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