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February 03, 2010


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i hear you, and i'm praying for you. i have struggled through months of stagnation- but for you, my friend, you deserve at least a day or two to take a deep breath between handing in your draft and doing revisions. deep breath, and some self-forgiveness, dear.

hang in there- praying for you. it will be well.

Diligensius muscle - heh. Mine needs some serious exercise. Your cranky pep talk, while meant for yourself, has pepped me too. Thanks for that, and good luck to you. Your applications will be nothing less than amazing, I am sure...if they are anywhere near as inspiring and witty as your blog posts, you'll be fine ;)

Apparently sheets are causing all sorts of strife among Catholics this week: http://mirielmargaret.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-consolation-let-me-show-you-it.html

I am at this very minute reading blogs when I should be coding articles so I'll try to set a decent example and return to that...

I have that all the time, and I have three fewer children and no dissertation. Put your head down and charge through, and when you're done, share some of those passive-aggressive Valentine's cards. :)

In the hope that this will amuse you when you need amusing: I dreamt about visiting you last night - and I'm really sorry for breaking your tea-set. And the tea-pot. Honestly, I just am that clumsy. (Maybe because I meant to comment yesterday but then got side-tracked by morning-sickness? I had just meant to say how satisfying and reassuring it is to hear that grownups with lovely stable marriages have ugly fights - and stay mad. Oh, and also to tell you that we had the worst horriblest fights ever when I was two weeks from submission; probably something to do with collective tiredness with the endless process and the mutual sacrifices it required.)

Thanks, everybody, for the encouragement -- I really appreciate it. Rachel, you can break my teapot anytime. And morning sickness?? Congratulations and best wishes for a speedy end to the nausea.

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