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January 01, 2010


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What a perfect sentiment -- thank you for your post.

As for the bridge, more than once I've wondered about bridges breaking as I've crossed them (especially biking -- how do I get kids out of a trailer while falling/under water?). I always told myself that I was being ridiculous, they're so strong, etc. Then the bridge a mile away from "my bridge", along the same Minneapolis stretch of the Mississippi, did fall down and I have never been so freaked out by a natural/not-so-natural disaster in my life. That one was too close to home. Going to heaven together freaks me out less than climbing out mangled and possibly losing both or one of them.

I can imagine, because it happened to me in 2005. My first baby was stillborn, at term.

That Christmas I wasn't pregnant again, yet, and we didn't hang a stocking for the baby because we didn't do anything for Christmas.

The next year we had a healthy baby boy, and I mourned my first-born all over again, because I knew what I had missed.

I also try to make sure that amid all the snot and "stop touching" and "be quiet" and "go to sleep" that I also teach gentleness. Be gentle to the dog, be gentle to your baby brother. Protect the small, the weak.

I will pray for your sister-in-law's friend, as she navigates these wonderful, hopeful, terrifying months.

JeCaThRe, so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for praying.

Amy F., I have a thing about bridges collapsing myself. In the second btw when Joe said he was worried and when I responded, your bridge is exactly what I thought of.

I can't imagine. It hurts to even think about it.

Beautiful post, Jamie. Somedays I am just going through the steps again and again, and I have to stop and remember what I'm doing, what the point of it all is again. Love. Faith. And more.

Beautiful, really beautiful and moving post.

Thank you for the conversation and the tears and the post and the prayers. It all means a lot to me. - The SIL

This post was SO lovely. I read it several times and teared up every time. All the best to your SIL.

I particularly loved your description of the intimacy of the smell of milky breath: that will stay with me for a long, long time.

I love your blog!

Thank you all for the kind words.

"I am wondering what it must have been like to breathe in God’s very breath, and asking her to pray, too, that we might love her Son as dearly as she did."

oh jamie, you always give me so much to reflect upon. thank you for this, and of course, prayers for that mama, for you and yours, to the mama of us all.

(i've had a different kind of appreciation for mary since becoming a mama myself, a wife, you know? i sort of hope that we're wrong and the others are right about her not having more babies- i imagine we are wrong, so i reconcile my belief in our doctrine in the metaphorical sense. i have such a deep and profound sense of connection with her as a young girl/woman mother who struggled and trusted and believed and loved and lost- honestly, i love her for whom i know she really was. she felt what we feel, and to feel that for jesus, all of it, amazing.)

a happy and blessed 2010 to you, mama.

Jamie, Ellen sent me a link to your blog, and I just wanted to thank you. (I am the SIL's friend who lost the baby.) You are a beautiful writer. Thank you for appreciating what you have and recognizing that not everyone gets it. If you could, please pray for my husband too... he is suffering just as much as I am. Thank you again.

Ariel, of course.

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