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January 22, 2010


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I would say mothering success--you caught it before the 2am screaming started! Hope the poor dear feels better soon--the kids (still) wont stop talking about how adorable she is, 3 wks after we saw her!
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Oh, I can do you one better on that one... reminds me when MJ was five months old and her fever (which I treated at home for several days) turned out to be a massive kidney infection. That was especially fun, because when I did take her to the pediatrician suspecting an ear infection, the doctor came into the room with a copy of her labs AND a Google Map to Children's Hospital where the orders were already in for the IV antibiotics that I had to take her in for IMMEDIATELY. Yuck. :-( She came through and all, but I'm just saying I KNOW HOW THIS FEELS.

I think you took her at the right time! I've taken my kids to the clinic in the early stages of an infection only to be sent away (with no antibiotics and a false sense of peace) and to come back in a few days because they get worse. It happened with Mags just this fall.

Hope she feels better soon.

Jamie, a year ago right now Blaise was five days old, and I was worried he was going to get sick with the (I thought mild) respiratory illness Camilla had at the time. So I called the nurses' line to find out what symptoms to look for in him. The nurse I talked to was like, "So his sister's been sick for several days? A fever and a cough? We should probably see her."

It turned out she had pneumonia! Pulse ox was okay (94 then 97) but the doctor who saw her was worried enough about her breathing that he called us at home the next afternoon (a Sunday!) to make sure she was okay. I felt completely awful - I'd been so focused on the baby that I'd neglected to notice how sick my toddler was!

But she's fine, of course, even though Blaise did end up getting sick and I spent ten nights in the hospital with him away from Camilla. And right now they're playing happily together, so I don't think the experience scarred her in any way. :)

Praying your baby is feeling better soon!

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's totally what I'd have done in the same circs.

I hope she feels better soon.

Thanks, everybody, for the sympathy. I was horrified that I had misjudged the fever so badly -- the cold hands and feet threw off my fever gauge. Also, she was so much happier post-ibuprofen that I felt terrible about not giving her any earlier.

I agree: don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there. It's so hard to judge sometimes! I'm glad that she's on the mend!

It's scary when the little ones get sincerely sick. But don't beat yourself up. Last I checked, mothers are still allowed to not be omniscient.
May you both feel better soon!

That sounds like something I would have done. Don't beat yourself up. (And your girl is right, Amoxicillin is horrible.)

Been there. Done that. Don't beat yourself up too badly.

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