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January 28, 2010


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I just read this and once again told my husband how amazing your undertaking has been. CONGRATULATIONS JAMIE!

Awesome! I can't believe everything you have accomplished in the last few years. I am amazed that you have undertaken it at all, much less with such success. Well done!

After you finish, officially, your life will seem positively boring.

Congratulations, Jamie!

Way to go!

Wooot! (And a big shout out to St. T and Our Lady! ;-D )

Yayyyy! go Jamie go! From this point on I felt like the revisions were endless but all do-able - it's like you said, once you've got something to work with, you can see how it WILL all come together. You're incredible! and kisses to any recovering snotty babies.

oh, jamie, i am so very very very happy for you!!!

Wow! Way to go, Jamie! Hope you can take some time to savor this milestone-- you absolutely deserve it.

Congratulations! I am just at the beginning of the dissertation process--putting together a committee--and every story I hear of successfully finished dissertations gives me hope. You rock.

OH dear, that's awesome! And I know how it feels (in part, because I never had any moments of relief, my dissertation was just such a huge white elephant of a thing...).

That is an amazing accomplishment. Relish it!

"And hast thou written Chapter Four?" she chortled in her joy.

Congrats! What a feeling.

(Or, I imagine it would be quite a feeling: I finished mine quite literally by the skin of my teeth, no time to revise, by the grace of God and my adviser's patience, and the friends who made sure I was fed in that last push for the finish line.)


You have worked really hard. I know that these years have been difficult as you have adjusted and re-adjusted your notions of where you are being called and exactly what does a mother look like. You have come many moons from the gal that dropped the poor butter lamb head long into your cake (was it a cake, worse was it a doberge cake). And yet, you have not changed, but become more yourself.

It is hard to believe how long I have been reading your blog. Congratulations.

Jamie, how wonderful! I am truly in awe.

(And I'm glad St. Thomas and Our Lady SoW helped!)

I'm in awe, too. It's amazing how focused and dedicated you have been to this project. Congratulations!

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